mary margrave (danibennett) wrote,
mary margrave

A story

When I was a young goose who enjoyed nothing more than repetition and the comfort of routine, and who would pester my poor father into reading to me during the day when he'd been working all through the night, there was only one story I wanted to hear.

The Last Unicorn.

As far as I was concerned, there was nothing better. It was a perfect story. It still is. When I discovered the movie, I watched it countless times at my friend Zola's house, so that to this day, she remembers me as "The girl who made her watch The Last Unicorn eleventy-hundred times."

There are books that have shaped me into the person I am today. Books that to this day, I remember where I was when I first read them, and how they made me feel.

I have no doubts that in some ways, The Last Unicorn changed my life.

This was in my inbox this morning.

"HAVEMERCY is an absolute charmer of a book: at once exciting, romantic (in the best, oldest sense of the word), and funny, which I know from my own experience is the trickiest parlay to pull off. The most remarkable thing of all is that it's a first novel. You couldn't tell it from the smoothness and skill with which these two young writers have created their tone, their narrative voices, and their world. It's one hell of a beginning!"

- Peter S. Beagle -
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