mary margrave (danibennett) wrote,
mary margrave

Con Report

ladyjaida and I arrived safely home from World Fantasy Con last night, to very little fanfare but two very happy cats. We have yet to find a home for all the books we came back with (oops), which are for now sitting in twin stacks on the piano bench. We'll get to them one day. Really.

All in all, I had a great deal of fun at WFC. I sat in on some fantastic readings, had a lovely post-lunch coffee with Ellen Kushner, and managed to get a book signed by Scott Lynch, with whom we are very very lucky to share an editor. Also we had lunch with our editor! A lunch that somehow stretched on for hours, which was very nice really, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle and trying not to knock people over with my duffel bag as I rushed madly from reading to reading.

blackholly was kind enough to let Jaida and me stash our heavy bags in her hotel room, and cassandraclare was kind enough to come and hang out with us at registration, when we learned that some people were "having trouble getting their banquet tickets."

I was lame, and didn't attend any exciting parties, but I took lots of notes, and ended up with such a wealth of inspiration to write something that it makes my stomach ache.

This is why I have to write, apparently. Otherwise I get queasy, and Jaida gets cranky about my being queasy.

Anyway! World Fantasy was fantastic fun. Again, it was really gratifying to spend a weekend surrounded by people who cherished the exact same things I do (and seem to make a relatively successful living off of it.)

I couldn't work up the courage to go and talk to Guy Gavriel Kay, though. Maybe next year!
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