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Hi guys! Long time no...exist. We've been pretty much buried in manuscript writing and editing lately, but somewhere in the midst of that and helping out with the Scholastic Awards/Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, I found the time to resurface for a little update, which I hope to be giving more of in the future!

Publisher's Weekly did a review of Shadow Magic recently (which as far as I'm aware is our first for the second book), and I wanted to share it here, in case anyone is interested. (You can also read it, with a snazzy little star next to the title that we're crazy proud of, here.)

This entertaining sequel to 2008’s fantasy epic Havemercy extends Jones and Bennett’s successful blend of cultural diversity and social commentary into postwar diplomacy. After defeating the Ke-Han Empire, loosely based on Japan’s shogun tradition, the kingdom of Volstov, reminiscent of imperial Rome, sends an odd peace delegation to the Ke-Han capital, which is reeling from defeat and the consequent ritual suicide of its emperor. Quirky magician Caius Greylace and brusque General Alcibiades present Volstov’s view of the convoluted political intrigue that ensues, while the appealing young Ke-Han prince Mamoru and his ultra-loyal personal servant Kouje flee the wrath of Mamoru’s brother, the insane new emperor Iseul. Deft characterizations even of minor players, broad humor, convincing dialogue and sure-handed timing, especially in the dueling scenes, make this novel an outstanding example of world-building and good old-fashioned fun.

Anyway as I said, now that the release date for Shadow Magic is getting closer, I'm going to try and post more updates and book-related entries. Hope all is well, and that everyone is enjoying their summer!
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